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Sales Post #I

Right now, I ONLY accepy Non-CC Paypal. The prices I list include shipping within the US & Canada, however I will ship internationally! For a more accurate shipping charge, please ask. Please give me 1-3 days to ship the items too. I'll ship them as soon as I can get to the post office. Also, ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE. Don't hesitate to make an offer. I just want to get rid of this stuff so I can start to have more space. :)

Also, note that right now I'm without a digital camera. I can take pictures of the items with my cellphone if you'd like, or I can scan the items possible (I'll include my LJ name so you don't feel like you're being scammed or something). So don't be shy to ask.

I have feedback at my ebay account here.


Anna Tsuchiya - cocoon (limited w/DVD, BRAND NEW) - $10
Anna Tsuchiya - Crazy World (limited w/DVD, BRAND NEW) - $10
Anna Tsuchiya - Lucy (limited w/DVD, BRAND NEW) - $10
HYDE - Countdown (great condition) - $8
HYDE - Horizon (great condition) - $8
Tokyo Dark Castle omnibus (includes SiSeN, Aural Vampire & more, BRAND NEW) - $18
Kiyoharu 35X interview CD + photobook, May-Jun 05 (Excellent condition) - $12
Kiyoharu 35X interview CD + photobook, July-Aug 05 (Excellent condition) - $12

12012 - Hide & Seek Tour (Excellent condition) - $30

Aqua Teen Hunger Force volume 3 (good condition) - $8

Fanclub Mags/Books:
LAREINE - Fleur chapitre sept debut 2000 (Some wear on front, otherwise good condition) - $10
Miyawaki Wataru - Garnet Star postcard book (little shelf wear, but good condition) - $10
KISAKI - Basement Melody III postcard book w/DVD (little shelf wear, but good condition) - $10

Signed MUCC poster (from the US Taste of Chaos tour; rolled, never used) - $18

Video Games:
(PS2) Bloody Roar 3 (bought used, good condition) - $5
(PS2) Red Ninja (bought used, good condition) - $5
(PS2) Magna Carta Deluxe set (good condition) - $18
(DS) Days of Memories (mint condition, bought in Akihabara so it's in Japanese) - $18
(PC) Enzai: Falsely Accused (excellent condition) - $15
This is an adult yaoi PC game. I can only allow buyers 18+ to purchase this, sorry! For more information on the story, this site provides a good synopsis.

Soul Calibur III limited strategy guide w/soundtrack (good condition, barely used) - $15

Sex Pot Revenge:
Backpack (bought at Harajuku store, used once for light packing, original price 6000+ yen) - $45
front, detail 1, detail 2, inside

Sweater (bought via CDJapan, now out of print, worn once) - $35
front, front detail, back
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